Lesson Learned from PSU Province of NTT to be PSU CoE (Part 2)

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The Kick Off and MoU signing of Phase II  was held on April, 14/2016 in Jakarta, attended by LKPP-RI and MCA-I along with 29 pilot PSUs Phase I and 15 other pilot PSUs. There are 44 pilot PSUs altogether in Phase II.

If it were a running race, PSU Province of NTT would start from the back line in a bumpy track with less adequate facilities. It shouldn’t have happened if PSU Province of NTT had finished their homework, particularly on raising its status and recruiting functional positions for POKJAs in Phase I. Moreover, the lack of budget and recruitment of new leaders (The Head of Bureau and the Head of PSU) made the race even harder to compete.

However, there are some advantages of PSU Province of being part of Phase I compared to other pilot PSUs, especially those who are new comers in the Phase II.

With the support of key stakeholders, such as Governor and Deputy Governor and Local Parliament, including all mentors, Pak Robby Lasman_PwC, Pak Nur Yahya-Booz Allen Hamilton, and Pak Mungin Jaelani- B-Trust, PSU Province of NTT slowly but surely can make it happen although it was hard at the early stage.

Several progress of PSU Province of NTT are as follows:

  1. The raising status from ad-hoc to become a permanent and independent unit, namely: Procurement Bureau.
  2. The merger of Procurement Electronic Unit and Procurement Service Unit in one Bureau so that it leads to an efficient and effective procurement.
  3. Procurement Bureau recruits and hires some part-time POKJAs to work as full-time POKJAs in Procurement Bureau.
  4. POKJAs are facilitated to get Formation Training of Functional Positions and Inpassing Process.
  5. Procurement Bureau holds  routine activities by sharing knowledge and skill, twice a month for staffs and officials led by those who are already trained by MCA-I and LKPP-RI.
  6. Procurement Bureau conducts sistering to PSU District of Sabu Raijua and provides open access of consultation for PSU Kota and Kab. Kupang.
  7. Delivering monthly PMM report, Documentation and Archive management, etc.

Based on those progress above, PSU Province of NTT is selected to be one PSU CoE by LKPP and MCA-I along with 8 PSU CoEs. This great achievement does not aim at competing with other pilot PSUs, but much more focused on how PSU Province of NTT can break its own target and baseline.

Part one of the journey can be found here

CoE Rank July 2017
PSU CoE Rank July 2017

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