Lesson Learned from PSU Province of NTT to be PSU CoE (Part 1)

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PSU (Procurement Service Unit) Province of NTT was first established in 2013 by Governor’s Regulation No. 43/2012 about procurement in NTT Province and Governor’s Decree No. 132/KEP/HK/2013 about Personnel of PSU Province of NTT.

The development of PSU Province of NTT to be PSU CoE is a lenghty process supported by many stakeholders, between LKPP-RI along with MCA-I in one side and Government of NTT in the other side, who made a mutual commitment dealing with procurement modernisation project in NTT.

Procurement Modernisation Project Phase I

The project was embarked in 2014. PSU Province of NTT was an ad-hoc Unit under the Development Administration Bureau. PSU Province of NTT was selected as one of the pilot PSUs along with 28 pilot PSUs in Indonesia.

Some constrains facing by PSU Province of NTT, including but not limited to:

  1. Overlapping work due to the absence of a clear and firm separation between managerial tasks and technical tasks, not including primary tasks given that should have done by PSU Personnels and POKJAs in their Organisations.
  2. It is difficult for an ad-hoc PSU to enhance the quality of a good procurement planning, monitoring, evaluation and supervision.
  3. It is also difficult for an ad-hoc PSU to meet national target which aims at procurement acceleration by the end of March in the current year.
  4. Lack of coordination beetween full-time POKJAs and part time POKJAs because they are not in the same office so they need to meet after office hours.
  5. There is no quantifiable instrument to measure procurement performance during monitoring and evaluation process.

Based on the above constrains, MCA-Indonesia not only conducted a monthly advisory program that aims at monitoring and evaluating PSU Province of NTT as an Institution, but also delivered managerial and technical training for PSU Personnels and POKJAs.

The Journey of PSU Province of NTT in Phase I

After the signing of the Phase I MoU, PSU Province of NTT along with 28 pilot PSUs in the “treatment gorup” achieve much supports and benefits of the program compared to non-pilot PSUs in the “control group”. Thus, MCA-I as donor, especially American Taxpayers, is expecting positive behavior changes among pilot PSUs.

There are some targets that need to be achieved with in the pre-agreed time as part of the deal in the MoU and Road Map. Some of them are the target to raise the status of PSU Province of NTT from ad-hoc to be a permanent and independent unit, encouraging those who work as part-timer POKJAs to be full-timers, making procurement measurement report and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Of the above targets, PSU Provice of NTT can complete some of them, such as completion of monthly PMM report which contains 9 indicators, together wits its sub-indicators in the area of timeliness, cost-saving, quality, and service level. PSU Province of NTT is also able to complete SOP for procurement planning, and procurement selection process, risk management, and archive management.

PSU Province of NTT also conducted a stakeholder management by delivering advisory program, for example training, coaching clinic, presentation of procurement results to both internal and external stakeholders.

At the end of phase I, LKPP-RI and MCA-I carried out an evaluation of 29 pilot PSUs, and they found that although PSU Province of NTT made a significant progress in procurement measurement management, it is considered left behind in terms of permanent and independent status of PSU and POKJA functional positions (jabfung).


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